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The roots of our company date back to early 1930, at which time Fam Lipstick, began to produce and market the broom.
The sorghum and all necessary materials for the manufacture of broom same name, such as wood handles, twine and iron, were supplied by our. company, which supplied most of the artisans directly in the area and to which almost guaranteed the full acquisition of their production.
This commitment has given them the opportunity to work for many families.
With this went a considerable craft in the countries of the Veneto and other regions where it was common to produce this article, resulting in marketing the broom broom in Italy and abroad.
Were set up small family farms, thereby generating a decent economic recovery and local welfare of those years.
Despite the evolution and development, we are now at the beginning of the third millennium, are proud to continue the sale of the broom.
This product is rigorously plant and non-polluting characteristics of the utmost importance, which continues to survive and own place in the market with a satisfactory request.
A value of all this in recognition that the old craftsmen, along with ZIF have produced and marketed this article, we made a monument, located in the center of Marsango.
Over the years, with the introduction of new technologies for cleaning and pressing the resulting demand for new products, our company has extended its business to trade in a wide range of products to meet every need of household cleaning and industry.
Zif Scope
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